【How to use properly 「うれしい」「たのしい」「おもしろい」】


【How to use properly 「うれしい」「たのしい」「おもしろい」】

Which is correct?

1.さっき見た映画はとても(a.楽しかった / b.おもしろかった)。
2.大会で優勝できて、とても(a.たのしい / b.うれしい)。

Because these three Adjectives have similar meaning, many learners are likely to get confused.

Here is the definition.

「うれしい」 is “happy”,which describes one’s subjective feeling.
「たのしい」 is “fun”, which describes the positive attitude toward the particular atmosphere where the speaker is addressing.
「おもしろい」 is “funny” or “interesting”,depending on the context.

For example, 「物理学はおもしろい」, in this sentence, the speaker is probably interested in physics.

How about the follofing sentence?
in this case, the speaker thinks “佐藤さん is a funny person”.


Finally, let’s think about the question which adjective we should use in the following sentences.

「プレゼントをもらって  ①  。とても  ②  パーティでした。」

Because the speaker received a present, she feels “happy”.

So, for the answer ①, 「うれしかった」 is correct. (here, past tense sounds better)

And for the 2nd sentence, she describes how the party was.

So. The answer is 「たのしい」.