【Introduction to JAPANESE】カタカナ|Katakana


【Introduction to JAPANESE】カタカナ|Katakana

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More options to learn Japanese①

If you want to find the best tutor, I highly recommend Preply.
Not because I am also teaching here, but because there are a lots of qualified teachers on this platform. They have experience, knowledge, and they always motivate you.

How to use Preply wisely.

①Contact a teacher and tell what your goal is.
(Conversation, Grammar, JLPT…etc)
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More options to learn Japanese②

If you like watching Anime, you should keep watching.
From my teaching experience, the students who likes Japanese Anime and drama improve much faster than those who don’t.
This is because they are creating the best environmentfor learning Japanese.
Needless to say, the more opportunities you have contact with Japanese, the faster you will improve.
Therefore, I strongly recommend that you make it a habit to watch Japanese anime and dramas.
You don’t have to watch carefully to study Japanese. Just relax and watch.
If you have find expression you want to use in Anime, you may want to take some notes.

《How do you say it in English?》

The people who have the ability to change something in this world all without exception have guts to abandon things important to them if they have to.


《 NEXT STAGE -Perfect Grammar-》

Perfect Grammar 「~がほしいです」

About This Course

・This book covers 33 grammars
・329 questions in total
・6 reading materials
・Correction service by Japanese teacher
・Output in the Special Online Lesson

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