Why 「旅行がほしい」is incorrect?【Japanese Grammar:「~がほしい」】


Japanese Grammar:「~がほしい」【Why 「旅行がほしい」is incorrect?】

What do you want? What is your desire?

「~ほしい」is a construction to express your desire.

In English, 「~がほしい」would be “want”, which is a verb.

However, in Japanese 「~がほしい」is an Adjective.

I have heard many learners say 「旅行がほしい」.

But this use is incorrect. WHY?

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Because 「~がほしい」 always takes 3 particular nouns
, which are ①THING  ②PERSON   ③TIME.

「旅行」does not belong to any of this.

*The nouns like 「旅行」 are called “action noun”, because the meaning of those nouns include some sort of “action”. Other examples are サッカー(soccer), BBQ, お祭り(festival) etc…

These nouns can not be used in this construction.




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