【VたりVたり します】



【VたりVたり します】

Suppose these are what you did yesterday.

・cleaning your room

・washing clothe

・watching movie

・playing the guitar


・studying Japanese

・going to the gym

And, what if I ask you, “What did you do yesterday?”, how would you answer?

Would you say, “I cleaned my room, washed clothe, watched movie….”?

While you are answering, I would go home, because it may take forever!!!

Most of the people would pick up a few things from what they actually did,

such as “watching movie and going to the gym”.

This is how we use 「Vたり、Vたり します」.

In the case above, I would say


「Vたり Vたり します」construction picks up some “representatives”
(or you may say “examples”).


I went to the park, went shopping, and so on.

I am going to take a walk with my dog, make some food, and so on.

When I go to NewYork, I want to see the Statue of liberty and take some pictures in Times-square, and so on.

あした、何(なに)をしたいですか。(What do you want to do tomorrow?)

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